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Are you ready for hardwood floors?

Homeowners love the look of solid hardwood floors, and if the truth were told, many of them would prefer it. If you find yourself ready to purchase and install these floors, we think there are some important factors you should consider. You might find more options than you first thought available, and the benefits list goes on and on. There’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with the flooring, but let’s make sure you’re ready for the process leading up to installation. You never want to be surprised when it comes to your flooring.

KB Flooring & Design is proud to serve our customers throughout Georgia. There, we not only have a wide selection of floor coverings and products, but we offer the services that can truly make them work for you. From design assistance, to picking the product that takes care of all your needs and preferences, to aftercare options you’ll be thankful for, we’re here for you. We invite you to visit our showroom at your convenience, so we can waste no time in find your perfect new floor.

Hardwood has lots of benefits

When asked what’s important about their floor covering, many homeowners first speak of durability, and that’s something that isn’t missing from hardwood flooring. The lifespan alone speaks to how durable this material is. It can easily reach 100 years of age, with many historic buildings having wood floors that are nearly 200 years old. But it depends a lot on the proper care and maintenance as well. If you take care of these floors, it’s a sure thing they’ll take care of you.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Adel, GA from KB Flooring & Design
Next on homeowners lists of importance is the appearance of their flooring. Again, hardwood wins, hands down. Just think about the many floor coverings that mimic solid wood floors and you’ll see how popular the look is. When you have the real thing in place, all that timeless elegance and sophistication are yours, and you know it’s in place for many years to come.

An often overlooked benefit in this material is that it actually adds value to your home. If at some point, you decide to sell, you’ll find your home brings a higher final price simply because of the floors you have installed. On the other hand, if you decide to stay in your home, and pass it down to family, it still saves you money, in flooring, you’ll never have to buy to replace hardwood.

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