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What you’ll love about carpet

What’s not to love about carpet? It’s the one and only soft surface flooring that can truly turn a house into a home. With that plush underfoot feel, amazing variety in colors, designs, and styles, and more benefits now than ever before, it’s no wonder why homeowners are turning to this material more often. It’s likely you’ll be won over as well, once you get the opportunity to spend more time researching this floor covering. We invite you to do that right now.

KB Flooring & Design intends to be your last stop shop for floor coverings and related services. Not only do we offer extensive materials to meet every need, but we offer the services that can bring them to life in your own home. From measuring and design to installation and aftercare, we are here for you. Our dedicated and experienced flooring professionals are standing by to assist you as soon as you stop in for a visit. We’ll find out exactly what you need, and waste no time in matching you with materials that take care of all those needs. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Carpet facts and options

It isn’t every day that you think about installing carpet in your home. But then again, it isn’t every day that you have to. In addition to all the many other benefits this material offers, a decent lifespan is one of them. With proper professional installation, these floors can easily last decades, making it one that creates a great deal of peace of mind on top of everything else.
Luxury carpet in Tifton, GA from KB Flooring & Design
You’ll love the variety of fibers available here. While there are many different fibers, odds are one will be perfect for your specifications, above all the rest. Ranging from super soft and plush, to short, dense, and durable, you want to make sure you choose a fiber that fits the traffic level in your home. If a fiber is known to easily crush and become dirty, it’s definitely not the perfect option for the busiest homes. On the other hand, if you have rooms that see little traffic, you can choose far more delicate flooring.

More than anything, we stress the importance of professional flooring installation for your new carpet floors. The fact is, even with all the tutorials in the world, if you’ve never installed carpet before, you’re likely to make plenty of mistakes. Normally, mistakes aren't necessarily bad. But for carpet, they can decrease the lifespan of the material a great deal.

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